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  • I have a small business, I need a way to keep better track of my income and expenses but I don't know how or I only know a little about accounting and keeping the records, what can I do?

We can help you set up an manual system.  .

We can set up a basic easy to use basic system utilizing QUICKBOOKS software.  We can work with you to build your confidence in maintaining your own records.  This would benefit you enabling you to make better decisions when you know at the click of a button where you stand financially.  Are you really making money?  Are you spending too much on certain expenses?  Am I charging my customers a fair price?  These are just a few of the benefits.  Give us a call or send and email and let's discuss your situation.

  • I have this small business that I started years ago and my friend told me to establish it as an S-Corporation.  Can you help with the 1120-S tax forms?  they are so complicated.

Not a problem, All that is needed to start is a copy of your last year's tax return and your current Profit and Loss statement and your Balance Sheet for the tax year. 







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