Basic Preparation Rates for Tax Year 2016

These rates are for Tax Year 2016 prepared in 2017 and will be applied to the information provided at the time of the estimate.  Based on the actual circumstances, your actual fee is based on the schedules prepared. 

Form Description Price-$$
1040 Individual Long Form


1040A Individual Short Form 65.00
1040EZ Individual EZ Form 45.00
1040V Voucher Form 5.00
1040X Amended Return 30.00
Sch A Itemized Deductions 20.00
Sch B Interest and Dividends 10.00
Sch C Small Business Income 20.00
Sch D Capital Gains and Losses  20.00
Sch E Supplemental Income (Rental and Royalties) Per Property 20.00
1040ES Estimated Tax 25.00
2106 Employee Expense 15.00
 8962 Premium Tax Credit 25.00
8965 Health care Exemptions


   Each State Return 30.00 
8453 Electronic Filing (ATS Preparation) (Sales Tax @8.25% Included) FREE
8453 Electronic Filing (Taxpayer Preparation) (Sales Tax @8.25% Included) 45.00

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